Our Team

We are looking for highly motivated, trustworthy financial advisors and investment professionals to join Faubourg Private Wealth. We cater to advisors looking for the freedom and power of independence and business ownership, without the hassle of running an office. We offer two options. Either you can work out of one our existing offices, or for the right advisor or team, we will open a new office location with you.

In particular, we want to target advisors that would complement our team:

  • Retirement Plan Advisors looking to develop and grow their Plan business leveraging our investment advisory firm's in-house 3(38) fiduciary services and our distinct employee engagement model.
  • A high performing solo practitioner looking to expand and deepen their existing book by leveraging our team approach to financial advice.
  • An experienced advisor in the institutional consulting and advising space, looking to leverage money management expertise from Faubourg Private Wealth.
  • An Advisor with a developed network of referral sources looking to develop new pathways of cooperation with those sources for their clients.

As an independent financial planning and investment services practice, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation rates
  • A work environment that encourages and supports individual, personalized client service
  • Ownership and freedom to perform in the best interest of your client
  • A broad range of financial planning research, tools, and services
  • Educational resources and support to grow your clientele
  • A fully-equipped, professional office space

Our Workplace Principles

You deserve to own your book of business.
You worked hard for your clients. When you partner with us, your book is yours, and if you leave our firm, you keep it. We’ll help you transfer the clients. You’ll never have to worry about advisors at your own firm calling your clients. You can buy other advisors’ books, or sell your own book.

You deserve the best technology in the industry.
We use state-of-the-art integrated systems that allow our advisors to use innovative software for wealth management, financial planning, and relationship management. We engage cutting-edge tools and technology, including eMoney, Redtail, and eSignature, and function as a paperless office to make our team of advisors as efficient as possible.

You deserve the best research in the industry.
We will never limit the research our advisors use to leverage client accounts. We pull from dozens of sources, including our Bloomberg Terminal, Morningstar, Thomson, Zacks, and a broad range of other leading, independent investment resources in the industry.

You deserve ownership.
We don’t want employees. We set specific pathways to award ownership in our firm.

You deserve to implement your own ideas.
We are open to innovation. Whether it’s a new style of portfolio management, client events, or technologies we haven’t thought of yet, we support, encourage and implement the pioneering ideas of our advisors (within the confines of compliance, of course).

You deserve to be compensated on clients you service.
We will never have account minimums for compensation, or hold you responsible for accounts for which you aren’t compensated.

You deserve a simple, static pay structure.
We have a simple, consistent compensation grid, with zero hurdles. No bank referrals, no new money requirements, no rising deferred compensation out of your current compensation. The only metric you measure yourself by is the satisfaction of your clients.

You deserve support.
Whether it’s transitioning onto our team, help with complicated estate or trust issues, or business coaching to grow your business, we’re here to provide the resources and tools you need to be a better advisor.

You deserve to know more.
The benefits of independence can hardly be summed up on a single page. Contact Faubourg Private Wealth today if you’re ready to take your client services to the next level.

Join Our Team

We are looking for highly motivated, trustworthy financial advisors and investment professionals to join Faubourg Private Wealth.