When we made the decision to start Faubourg Private Wealth, there were a few guiding principles that helped us develop our vision for a truly independent financial services firm. Our core values center on individualized client service and operating as fiduciaries – advisors who only act in the best interest of our clients. We share the following beliefs with you – our current, past, and future clients – so that you know what we do, and why we do it so that you hold us accountable for these non-negotiable commitments.

Clients come first.

We put your financial interests above our own. This fiduciary standard is at the core of our beliefs and is one of the reasons we stepped away from investment platforms at many banks and brokerage firms.

Objectivity matters.

Our status as independent advisors gives us the freedom to give our clients in-depth, comprehensive, unbiased investment research from a broad base of resources, and the flexibility to respond to market changes quickly. We will never limit our clients’ access to research to the singular view of a single firm. We have the ability to invest your assets at multiple custodial firms or to simply monitor your accounts as an overlay manager.

It is our privilege to be your advisor.

You are important. Your family is important. Your business is important. Your financial well-being is our top priority. We believe it is an honor to serve anyone who wants to engage our service as an advisor. We do not believe in account minimums. We will never transfer your account to be serviced by an 800 number or to a different advisor without your consent.

Financial planning shouldn’t be limited by where you invest.

We are not beholden to in-house products and we do not have sales quotas. We offer a variety of financial products and services from a network of trusted institutions, without restrictions. We are backed by top-level resources and state-of-the-art technology that enable us to serve our clients, not sell to them.

We take a collaborative approach to professional planning.

We work with your attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, bankers, heirs, and other trusted advisors to develop both short- and long-term strategies that strive to build and preserve your wealth. Our goal is to coordinate your team. If you are building a planning team, we can recommend attorneys or CPAs if you require their counsel.*

Your needs are unique. Your financial plan should be, too.

A “one size fits all” solution is not a solution. Your needs and priorities are unique, and they evolve and grow. You have kids. You change jobs or get a promotion. You buy a new home. Your kids go to college. Your business grows. As your needs develop and change, so should your portfolio and planning needs. Your financial plan and investment allocation shouldn’t be a mass-marketed product pushed by advisors nationwide.

Transparency and reporting are not rocket science.

You invest to see your assets grow and to meet your financial goals. You deserve an easy, clear system to track your progress toward that goal and to fully understand the fees involved with that process. We make it easy for you to track the progress of your investments, and to see a clear, straightforward accounting of all fees associated with our financial planning and investment services. We can also automatically aggregate all of your accounts to safely and securely provide an on-demand, up-to-the minute snapshot of your financial life, and give you access to that data in the comfort of your own home (or on your smartphone) using some of the most sophisticated financial planning tools on the market.

Financial planning is about more than investments.

We believe a good financial advisor is one who helps clients set and work toward goals, plan for life’s surprises, and reduce risks and liabilities. A good financial planner stays involved and engaged in a client’s plan, guiding them into constructive financial behaviors to help them stay on track. We use some of the most advanced software and research in the industry to help clients craft a holistic financial plan that takes into account their specific goals.

We help you access sophisticated banking resources.

When investing, we have access to hundreds of different companies for investment strategies and options and compare them all to find the most appropriate. We take the same approach to banking. Part of our financial planning program includes screening a wide range of cash management and banking services designed to complement the complete spectrum of your needs and objectives

* Tax and legal services are neither provided nor endorsed by LPL Financial or affiliated advisors.

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